About Us

Phone: 361-575-4531

Fax: 832 778-5029

E-mail: royalinnvictoria@suddenlinkmail.com

Royal Inn is an older but well maintained motel with ground floor rooms. Our customers are mainly commercial men and women employed by the Constructions, communications, oil, power plant, and plastics businesses. Most of them are working during the week and off during the weekend.

The motel is quite and safe. We have a very good reputation with our clientele. The area is under 24 hour surveillance cameras.

Our rates are reasonable and competitive. We offer essentials such as Microwave and GE refrigerators. Our window unit ACs work well. Wireless internet (4.0Mb/s) is available in all rooms and is firewalled. All TVs are 25 or more, but not all of them have Input Jacks for DVD players. Redbox is available at Walgreens two doors down. Cable TV have close to 70 channels including ESPN, Weather Channel, and CNN. Premium channel include Showtime. Telephones present in all rooms are used to make local calls, calling card (provided in office) calls, and ever so important wakeup calls.

In general the single rooms have King sized Serta beds, and double rooms have queen size non-branded beds. Other furniture is old. The bathrooms have newly installed metal bath tubs and marble floors. All tubs are surrounded by old tiles. Most plumbing is Copper tubing. All rooms have been painted in 2009. The carpet was installed in late 2007 .

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